About me


Hi I’m an amateur photographer from Cheshire in the North West of the United Kingdom and go under the name of Lammy.s2- Photography, which is a reference to my beloved 1960 Lambretta Series 2 scooter. I’m a keen football supporter following  my home town team Macclesfield Town and my life long love Liverpool FC when I can manage to get to the games.

I’ve always been creative when I was younger I would be drawing all of the time and left school with a “O” level in art, but I was never quite good enough to make a career out of it. So photography was just an extension of the drawing, in my teens I’d had a couple of  35mm film cameras but lost interest after a couple of years due to the awful results I was getting and the cost of film and processing which didn’t help with the learning process. But once computers and digital cameras came along my interest in photography awoke and now I could take awful shots but not have to worry about the cost.

In the last 5 years or so I have been taking my photography more seriously buying my first digital SLR 4 years ago. I am interested in all types of photography but my real passion is HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography a technique I discovered through the internet, I just love the different look and feel you can get from producing images this way, though I know it’s not to every ones cup of tea. Though I tend to lean towards landscapes as themes for my shots, I am always looking for that wow image no matter what it maybe.

I am a very active user of Google+ having been on there since nearly day one where there is a large community of photographers, I post on their regularly and if you would like to checkout my posts you will find a link to my profile in the links page. You will also find in their  links to other sites that I contribute to, also some of my work is available to purchase as various gifts (framed pictures, poster, post cards, mobile phone cases) at Red Bubble.com which can also be found in the links page. I do hope you like my work.    Mark Swindells